Air Circulation Pit-Type Furnaces Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired

S 1780/60AS S 1000/85A

2 x S 5600/75 AS in production

Motor-driven air-inlet and axhaust air flaps

S 100/60A - S 1000/85A

Due to their robust design, these pit-type furnaces with air circulation are particularly useful for a professional heat treatment demanding optimum temperature uniformity. Production processes such as tempering, solution annealing, artificial ageing, and soft annealing can be realized with these pit-type furnaces.

  • Tmax 600  °C or 850  °C
  • Useful for heavy charge weights
  • Air circulation fans in the furnace lid, high circulation rate
  • Heating chamber with air baffle cylinder
  • Heating elements on all wall surfaces
  • Distribution of air flow through grid at the furnace floor
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic lifting device
  • Temperature uniformity up to ∆T 6 K according to DIN 17052-1

Additional equipment

  • Integral fan for fast cooling
  • Optimization of the temperature uniformity up to +/- 2 °C according to DIN 17052-1
  • Variable rpm converter control of the air circulation velocity for sensitive parts
  • Multiple zone control or special air circulation system for optimum temperature uniformity tailored to the charge
  • Charge weights up to 7 tons
  • Designed for Tmax 950  °C, fan blade driven indirectly via a belt to protect the air recirculation motor against over-heating
  • Process control and documentation with Controltherm MV software package
ModelTmaxInner dimensions cond. cylinderVolumeMax. charging weightOuter dimensions in mmHeating powerElectricalWeight
 °CØ in mmh in mmin lin kg/m2WDHin kW1connectionin kg
S 100/..A 450600100150011001200160017.53-phase1000
S 200/..A 600800200150012001300205028.53-phase1300
S 300/..A6006001000300150012001300225039.53-phase1500
S 500/..Aor8001000500150014001600240052.53-phase1600
S 600/..A8508001200600150014001600260062.53-phase1800
S 800/..A 10001000800150016001800240070.03-phase1900
S 1000/..A 100013001000150016001800270090.03-phase2200
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher